CSU Early Start - SMART

The Early Start Program is designed for admitted CSU freshmen who need to improve their skills in English and Mathematics before the beginning of the fall term. Students are encouraged to fulfill the requirement to participate in Early Start at their future campus. However, there are many in-person and online courses in both English and Mathematics offered throughout the CSU. In addition, students may fulfill the Early Start requirement at a California Community College or other institution if available. Students must contact their future campus prior to selecting this option.

After designating where they will complete an Early Start course, students who choose to complete Early Start at a CSU campus other than the one they will attend in fall 2014 will receive enrollment information from that CSU campus in early summer.

Step 1 Decide where you want to take your early Start course

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Step 2Return to the Early Start Enrollment page and enter location

Once you've decided which CSU campus you will attend to complete the Early Start requirement, go back to the Early Start Enrollment web page and make your selection. Your campus of choice will contact you with details.

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